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Providing quality, timely, and reasonably priced property improvements has made Construction Solutions in Fayetteville, North Carolina a leader in the construction industry. As a construction services provider dedicated to delivering premier customer service, you can expect commendable construction solutions from every project that we handle.We are equipped with industry knowledge, premium-quality building supplies and equipment, and dedication to delivering exceptional service to our clients. We make sure to work closely with you to meet deadlines, budgets, and requirements. You can trust us to keep you up-to-date on the status of your project. Partner with us!


Construction Solutions is a General Contracting Company serving Fayetteville and Surrounding areas. We employee tradesman and Sub contractors who focus on providing customers with quality craftmanship.


Construction Solutions provides residential and Commercial Remodeling and New Construction with attention to detail. We create an experience where customers can be part of this process while producing an avenue to manifest there own vision


 We endeavor to build strong relationships in the community  by performing renovations and additions; constructing new custom homes and commercial buildings.

    As we serve our community, we also wish to, empower our employees. We do this by providing a business model that gives employees the opportunity to own and operate a small businesses in specific skilled trades. It is our belief that this model will allow each family to prosper and promote growth and quality workmanship for each client. 

 We will continue to pray for the right ideal and focus on healthy relationships with our community.


North Carolina Licensed General Contractor


Born and reared in Wilson, NC,  and a product of a working class family, some of my fondest memories while growing up were the times I spent working along with my father; who was also a Licensed General Contractor. While working with my father, I came into contact with so many  tremendous craftsman, who made a positive impact in my life. Some of the most humble men were simple carpenters who trained me and pushed me to be better. 

My mother has always been the great spiritual benefactor in my life. I will never comprehend the love a mother has for their child. I have a bit of a checkered past that has been both an asset and liability. I know looking back today that the prayers of my mother are solely what carried me through the rough times. I absolutely don't know what I would do without her. 

Having learned many of life's lessons prior to age forty, I arrived in Fayetteville, NC, with little more than hope. I revisited and renewed an earlier arrangement with Christ and decided to use what God provided me to help others. Since, I have been employed by the building industry, received my NC Contractor’s License, and now the owner and operator of Construction Solutions of NC. 

More importantly I have made long and lasting relationships that have imparted positive change in all who are concerned. 

The most important person in my life today is my wife, Annmarie Gay. We married Sept. 28, 2018 in Fayetteville,  NC. She is a realtor and mother of three. We are members of a local church and have close ties to the recovery community. She and I both mentor others in our community. I enjoy working with customers and employing men and women ultimately looking for what God is going to do next. Hoping to join Him and others in not only Constructing Homes but Building Lasting Relationships.

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